Performance Guide

Walt Disney World – Performing Arts OnStage

To complete and submit an application, you MUST provide a YouTube or hosted video link to showcase your ensemble performance. If you do not have the ability to upload your video and photo assets, please click here to download the printable version of this application and mail in your materials. If you submitted the form successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.

Walt Disney World Performance Application Link

Please submit application and audition materials up to 12 months or at least 2 months prior to your requested performance date.

This form has several pages. Fill out all pages of the form to complete application. If you submitted the form succesfully, you will receive a confirmation email.

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Universal Orlando Resort™– STARS Performance Program

Come take the stage at Universal Orlando Resort™. Universal Orlando STARS Performance Program is the music performance program that puts your group in the heart of non-stop excitement and unparalleled entertainment. Whether you’re a marching band, concert band, dance team, choir or other performing group, Universal Orlando Resort™ offers you a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one-of-a-kind thrills… before, during and after your performance.

Selection Criteria

Participating groups should have a minimum of 40 performers. Each group should submit a completed application at least six weeks prior to the proposed performance date. Along with the completed applications, groups should provide the following:

  • A non-returnable DVD or link of your group’s most recent performance featuring the uniform that will be worn during the group’s performance (approx. 3 minutes in length for each performing group).
  • A written script of any spoken material to be used during the performance.

Musical selections will need to be approved by Universal Orlando Resort prior to the group’s performance. Theme park tickets are required.


Uniforms are required for every performance and subject to approval. During spring and summer months, performance groups can substitute wool uniforms with alternative uniforms, such as matching shirts with collars and matching pants. Jeans and t-shirts are not permitted.

Performance Venues

Stage performances will take place at one of the several stage locations in and around Universal Orlando Resort™ or the covered Plaza Stage in the Universal CityWalk™ entertainment complex. These performances should be 30 minutes long, encompassing positive and energetic musical selections.

Universal Orlando Resort™ Performance Application Link